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Company Information

TA Investment Management Berhad (TAIM), a subsidiary of TA Securities Holdings Berhad (TASH) was incorporated on 17 April 1995 and commenced operations on 1 July 1996. TASH is a wholly owned subsidiary of TA Enterprise Berhad (TAE).

TAIM has more than twenty (20) years of experience in managing unit trust funds with a total of forty (40) funds currently under its management, of which nine (9) are Shariah-compliant funds and thirty-one (31) are conventional funds as at 31 December 2021. Its investment portfolio comprises a wide spectrum of funds ranging from low to high risk and caters to the different financial needs and objectives of investors.

TAIM funds are invested in both the local and international markets by an experienced investment team. These unit trust funds are distributed directly to customers as well as through appointed Institutional Unit Trust Advisers (IUTAs) and authorised consultants.

Apart from being able to tap into the expertise of the staff and financial resources of its shareholders, TAIM has a staff capacity of sixty-seven (67) persons comprising sixty-two (62) executives and five (5) non-executives.

As at 31 December 2021, TAIM has total assets of RM11.53 billion, being a combination of unit trust funds and direct mandate portfolios under its management.

*Information updated as at 31 December 2021



















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