TA Investment Management Berhad (TAIM), a subsidiary of TA Securities Holdings Berhad (TASH) was incorporated on 17 April 1995 and commenced operations on 1 July 1996. TASH is a wholly owned subsidiary of TA Enterprise Berhad (TAE).

TAIM has more than twenty-five (25) years of experience in managing unit trust funds with a total of forty -two (42) funds currently under its management, of which nine (9) are Shariah-compliant funds and thirty-three (33) are conventional funds. Its investment portfolio comprises a wide spectrum of funds ranging from low to high risk and caters to the different financial needs and objectives of investors.

TAIM funds are invested in both the local and international markets by an experienced investment team. These unit trust funds are distributed directly to customers as well as through appointed Institutional Unit Trust Advisers (IUTAs) and authorised consultants.

Apart from being able to tap into the expertise of the staff and financial resources of its shareholders, TAIM has a staff capacity of seventy-two (72) persons comprising sixty-eight (68) executives and four (4) non-executives.

TAIM has total assets of RM10.86 billion, being a combination of unit trust funds and direct mandate portfolios under its management as at 31 March 2024.


As at 31 December 2023, TAIM is not engaged in any material litigation and arbitration, including those pending or threatened, and is not aware of any facts likely to give rise to any proceedings which might materially affect the business/financial position of TAIM.

Our Vision           

To be the preferred unit trust company in Malaysia. We committed to providing innovative products and
excellent customer-oriented services conduced with professionalism, dedication and integrity.

Our Mission

To be innovate in providing creative ideas and concepts. We continuously push ourselves to provide a myriad of investment solutions designed to meet the demand of our clients while endeavouring to protect their wealth;

Our Purpose

An unwavering commitment to the highest level of client communication and duty of care where we always place our clients’ best interests above anything else.

  • Integrity
    It is a prerequisite to be associated with and be part of us here at TA Global. We place the utmost importance in the integrity of every individual that we employ or deal with. At TA Global, we strive to practise integrity in all our actions, decisions, practices, policies and procedures. This relates to both internally within the organization as well as externally to all parties that we deal and associate with.

  • Focused on people
    We believe in focusing and investing in our people, to build and nurture a strong, cohesive, loyal and competent workforce. Together we will propel the organization forward and build the name of our company as a great employer and continue to attract the best talent in the market.

  • Committed to excellence
    We define excellence as the never-ending, uncompromising pursuit of doing things better. We believe that excellence is not a level of competency; excellence is the desire of wanting to get better, grow, expand, achieve and progress. It is the uncompromising commitment to move forward and get better in everything that we do.

  • Encourages innovation
    It is our culture to constantly encourage a progressive work environment where new ideas, inputs, opinions and suggestions are highly cherished and favored.

  • Dedicated to social responsibility
    At TA Investment, we are dedicated to Social Responsibility not merely for compliance or marketing purposes. Indeed, we have a heart for the society responsibility and believe that we can make an impact to not only the local community but globally. Our organization has a vision to become a diversified global conglomerate that will have a presence in every region and impacts these regions accordingly.